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Why We Love The Keurig Coffeemaker

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig coffemaker have become the gold standard for k-cup coffee brewing. Suddenly it was convenient to brew just one cup of coffee!  Cleanup was a breeze and you didn’t need to grind and measure coffee.  Who knew making a good cup of coffee or espresso could be so easy?  The newest wave of small appliances all seemed to be named Keurig.

The Classic Keurig Coffeemaker

The whole idea behind k-cup brewing seems simple.  A self-contained coffee pod or cup is placed in a holder.  By pressing down the lid of the holder you poke holes in the top and the bottom of the cup.  Hot water is then forced through the cup and brewed coffee drips into your mug.  Simple, right?  Well, maybe not as simple as is seems.

Keurig lead the way on perfecting both the coffeemaker and the k-cup so that they worked well together.  This unit is the classic Keurig coffeemaker that is the end result of research and testing that went into this new way of brewing coffee.  The results are wonderful.  You can brew almost any type of coffee with this unit.  It heats up quickly, is very easy to use and clean up is minimal.

There are many different sizes of Keurigs and other k-cup brewers, but we really like this unit’s size.  The reservoir holds 48 ounces of water, meaning that you can make up to 6 cups of coffee without having to refill.  That might not sound important but if you are making coffee for friends it is more convenient to have the larger reservoir.  Small, single cup brewers require you to refill the water container after each cup.  That’s too much messing around with water.

You have three brewing options when it comes to the size of the cup of coffee you want to brew.  6, 8 and 1o ounces are the preset choices and each will give you a good cup of coffee.  Obviously the 6 ounce will result in a stronger cup and the 10 ounce will be a bit weaker or milder, but the end result for all three options is very good.

Most K-Cups Work With Keurig

Go to any grocery store’s coffee aisle and you will be amazed at the k-cups offered.  Every blend possible can be purchased as well as teas, hot chocolates, espresso and latte cups.  Despite some misleading marketing, almost every k-cup will fit into this Keurig coffeemaker.  You also can buy aftermarket additions that let you use a filter and make your own cup with your own ground coffee.  We love this idea, you can use any coffee that you want with these baskets.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 10 Oz. Brew Sizes, Rhubarb

Clean up is so much easier with this type of brewing system.  Because you don’t have a basket filled with used coffee ground you won’t have to worry about cleaning those up.  Once done, you just throw the k-cup away and start over.  Luckily some of the k-cup manufacturers are using recyclable materials for the cups.  Like any coffee making system you will want to descale the unit often.  White vinegar and water do the trick and it only takes a few minutes.

Drawbacks To The Keurig

As is usually the case, you will pay more for convenience.  This unit retails for around $120 although it does go on sale at most major retailers.  Compare that with the cost of a simple Mr. Coffee at $40 and you have a price gap.  Your price per cup of coffee is also higher.  Most k-cups will cost between $.50-.75 each while the cost of using ground bulk coffee works out to around $.20 per cup.  Wholesale clubs like Costco have much better prices, often around $.35 per cup, but you do need to buy in bulk.

Some coffees, like espresso, don’t brew quite as well as the traditional espresso making machines will turn out.  Because the water doesn’t get as hot with a Keurig as it does with an espresso machine you end up with a less rich brew.

Overall it’s hard to beat the convenience of the Keurig and the end result is almost always a good, but not great, cup of coffee.  Hot chocolate and tea turn out really well with this unit and the simplicity of using a k-cup and pushing a button can’t be beat.

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