Cooking Tips

What Is Cooking All About?


Are you intimidated by the idea of cooking? Don’t be, it is a basic function that every human being has been exposed to since the beginning of time. Cooking is basically a  function of mixing, blending and heating food and working at very high temperatures. It includes breaking down the proteins, starches, sugars and oils and turning them into delicious, tasty meals..

Cooking Means Using Heat

Heat can be used for cooking in many ways. In order to cook the food, the heat source has to be placed in close proximity of the food to produce the desired results. This process of cooking is known as cooking. The first cooking method that was discovered was by the ancient beings, they were the first to use fire for cooking. They used fire torches to cook over cooking stones, over open fires, and even on hot embers.

Learning To Cook

The techniques and ingredients for cooking differ with different cultures. However, the fundamentals of cooking remains constant everywhere: it makes use of fire or heat to transform one form of matter (i.e., liquid or solid) into another form (i.e., gas or solid). The final outcome of cooking is the release of flavors  into the food. Cooking also changes the texture of the food. This is why some foods are cooked more slowly than others and some get overcooked while others remain moist in texture.  Any experienced cook will tell you that is why recipes matter!

Pay Attention To Your Cookware

Cooking with a pan over medium heat, or broiling, is one way of cooking that changes the texture of the food and produces a richly flavored dish. This cooking method is sometimes referred to as the art of cooking. This is because the techniques of broiling involved using both the heat from the pan and the natural juices of the ingredients to impart flavor to the meal. There are many cooking publications that teach the art of broiling and often give recipes for delicious broiled dishes.

Cooking Methods

The tenderness of the meat depends on many factors including the seasonings used, the tenderness of the meat and the cooking duration of the dish. During the course of various research and studies, it was found that the duration of cooking releases the juices are the major contributor to the release of flavors in the meat. It was further found that the longer the meat was cooked, the more flavor was released. To release the juices even further, people used to add honey and lemon while cooking and this made the meat extremely juicy.

Cooking vegetables involves simmering or frying the vegetables in deep fat or oil to release the flavor and nutritive values present in the vegetables. This cooking method can be used for both fresh and dried vegetables. Some popular cuisines such as Greek and Turkish cooking calls for fried foods, whereas Chinese cooking prefers to steam and stir fry the foods. Frying is one of the most commonly used cooking methods to cook fish and chicken in deep fat. People all around the world love to eat chicken and fish especially when they are grilled or sauteed over a grill.  Having the right kitchen tool or kitchen appliance will make your cooking experience much more pleasurable.


What Are Kitchen Tools?

A kitchen tool is essentially a small handheld instrument utilized for food preparation. Common kitchen activities include chopping food items to desired size, cooking food, baking, grilling, grilling, stir frying, straining and draining, and measuring food quantities. There are different utensils designed for each activity. They can be manually operated, semi-automated, or automated. Experienced cooks […]

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