Small Kitchen Appliances

What Are Small Kitchen Appliances?

Small Kitchen Appliances

Every cook knows that small kitchen appliances are very essential. After all, nobody has time to be chopping, mixing blending or toasting by hand.  Needing to toast bread over an open fire would certainly not be extremely practical! Small appliances are really essential in our houses, but which ones are the most important? Out of all of the appliances readily available in shops today, which ones are the ones that would be labeled as “must haves”?


Most people like toast, and it has ended up being a staple in the early morning. Toasters do the job successfully and fast enough for our busy lives.  These are inexpensive, but very handy, appliances to have.

Sunbeam Toaster

Coffee Maker

Even if you do not like coffee, you will eventually have people in your house who do like it, and are probably really addicted to it! Coffee is a great ice breaker and something that you will want to offer to guests.  If you like coffee, you will probably be a lot pickier about the type of coffee maker you buy.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Stand Mixer

Ask any baker what kitchen appliance they couldn’t live without and chances are they will say their stand mixer.  Hand mixers are fine, but a stand mixer does so much more.  Some models come with attachments that can grind meat or make pasta.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Blenders And Food Processors

People often confuse these two appliances, but they are different tools.  However, you should have at least one of them for mixing, chopping and blending.  Whether you are making a smoothie or want a tool to slice vegetables, you need to make sure you have at least one of these tools in your kitchen.

Oster Blender

Toaster Ovens

These small appliances are often overlooked, but people who use toaster ovens regularly swear by them.  They are small, inexpensive and can do almost everything that a full sized oven can do.  If you need to make a small batch of cookies, or reheat food, you can use your toaster oven and not heat up your entire kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

There are other handy small kitchen appliances.  Instant Pots are all the rage right now and there is an entire industry based around cookbooks for Instant Pots.  Air Fryers have reach new popular heights and, similar to Instant Pots, have created a new cookbook segment.  Waffle irons, coffee grinders, juicers and other small appliances show up in many home kitchens and each can make your life easier.

Do you need all of them? No, budget and counter space have to come into your planning.  You also need to pay attention to what you are going to do in your kitchen.  If you don’t bake, you don’t need a stand mixer.  A waffle iron is not necessary if you can’t remember the last time you made waffles.  Go over what type of cooking and baking you do and plan your small kitchen appliances around that.  They are wonderful and helpful tools to have on hand.



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