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Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor

Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor

Don’t confuse a food processor with a blender. While both appliances can chop and mix, they are quite different in many ways.  A good way to tell the difference is to think of a food processor as a blender on steroids.  It will do what a blender does, only more so.  When it comes to chopping and slicing foods, a food processor is far better than a blender can ever hope to be.

Using The Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor

If you are only looking to make smoothies, you should stick with a blender.  They do that type of job well and you will be happy with the results.  If you want a kitchen tool that will easily chop nuts, slice vegetables, knead bread dough and do other difficult kitchen chores, you want a food processor.  We really like the Ninja Professional Plus food processor.  It is well made, it works very well and it is usually priced at less than $100.

A Food Processor With Features Galore

Ninja Professional Plus FeaturesYou will ask your food processor to do a lot, and that will require a powerful motor.  The Ninja has a 1000 watt motor, strong enough to knead bread, slice vegetables and puree the densest of foods.  There are 4 preset programs that give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to mixing without having to spend time figuring out how to use the machine.  The control panel is well laid out and very easy to use.

The main mixing bowl has a large 9 cup capacity, large enough to handle any recipe that you may be following.  The lid and feeder chute are made from heavy plastic and all of the pieces are dishwasher safe.

3 Excellent Blade Options

Ninja Food Processor BladesThe Ninja comes with three blade options that will cover just about any chore you give to this small appliance.  The chopping blade has a unique two tier design and will handle any chopping or cutting task.  The dough blade is great for mixing cookie dough or even kneading bread dough.  It’s made of extremely solid plastic and, with the power of the 1000 watt motor, can knead bread dough that is very dense.

The slicing and shredding disc is a wonderful tool to have.  No longer do you need to cry over slicing onions.  Just attach the slicing disc and you will have uniformly sliced onions in no time.

Amazingly Easy Clean Up

Cleaning The Ninja Professional Pro Food Processor

The mixing bowl, the lid, the feeder chute and all of the blades are dishwasher friendly.  After using, you can just toss them in the dishwasher and your clean up is done.  However, even more convenient is the ability to add a drop of dish soap to warm water in the mixing bowl and pulse.  Your bowl and blade is cleaned and you just need to rinse it out before using again.  Every cook loves easy clean up!

If you are looking for a new food processor you should look at this unit.  For less than $100 you get an extremely well made and powerful processor with a nice assortment of cutting and mixing blades.  The unit is easy to use and very sturdy, it will take a lot of abuse.  This is a very good value and a very good food processor.

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