HomGeek Kitchen Blender

HomGeek Kitchen Blender

Sometimes you want a blender that isn’t quite so large. If you use your blender mostly for smoothies and juice, this compact blender might be perfect.  Small blenders can get bad reviews, some deserved, for being under powered and awkward to use.  That’s not the case with this handy, small kitchen countertop blender from HomGeek.  It is a well made and useful small kitchen appliance that does a very good job of blending smoothies.

HomGeek BlenderSmall But Very Powerful

Small appliances, especially blenders, can really suffer from motors that are just too small to handle the task that you are giving them.  The motor is the heart of the appliance and it has to be strong enough to power the blades through the densest of fruits and vegetables.  This blender has plenty of power, 750 watts worth, to chop and blend the toughest ingredients.

HomGeek 6 Blade Kitchen Blender

The motor is running an efficient 6 blade chopping system.  Why six blades?  You want multiple blades to help force ingredients down into the jar, then up the sides to repeat the process.  This is how you get smooth, well blended recipes to work.  No one wants an unchopped chunk of pineapple in their smoothie.

The control panel is simple and easy to use.  Blenders don’t need 10 speeds to function properly.  3 or 4 are plenty, especially if you don’t have to do any complicated programming to get them to work.  Here you have two adjustable speeds, plus pulse, enough to do any mixing or blending that you will need to do.

HomGeek Blender Control Panel

The mixing jar is 48 ounces, not too big and not too small.  It’s glass, BPA free and has a handy handle to help with removing the jar from the base.  48 ounces is small enough in size to keep the jar from being too heavy and awkward, but still large enough to mix a full batch of smoothies or other drinks.  The lid fits very tightly, you don’t want any surprise leaks!  It acts as a drip proof pour spout as well.

Really Easy Clean Up

Both the mixing jar and the lid can go right into the dishwasher for easy clean up.  The blade system also unsnaps from the base and can be rinsed clean in seconds under a warm water tap.  The stainless steel base wipes down quickly, meaning that clean up will take only seconds.

Cleaning The HomGeek Blender

Small In Size, Small In Price

This is not the blender for someone who chops and grinds large amounts of heavy foods.  It is a very good blender for someone who likes to make smoothies or soups, plus it is strong enough to chop ice.  The footprint on your counter will be small or it can easily fit in any cupboard.

The price is a selling point. This blender usually retails for less then $45, making it a very good value.



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