Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Blenders can run from the inexpensive to the very costly, but all of them should be able to blend and crush ice easily and all the time.  It’s amazing that there are so many blenders available that are under powered and can’t do a task that you expect your blender to do well, crush ice.  That won’t happen with the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher, it not only blends and mixes well, it can crush a lot of ice.

Hamilton Beach Blender Ice Crushing Blades

Any good blender will have two features, a powerful motor and a good blade system that chops and mixes.  If you can get those two features at a low price, you have hit the blender jackpot.  That’s exactly what you get with this Hamilton Beach blender.

A 700 Watt Motor That Can Handle Any Blending Task

You may not have any idea what motor size means with a blender, but having a 700 watt motor means that you have a monster motor that can power through almost any ingredient that you are using.  Coupled with a wave action blade system, the motor can mix, blend, puree and crush the densest foods, and ice, quite easily.

Hamilton Beach Blender Control Panel

This unit has an amazing number of blending options, 14 in total.  While you may not use or need all of them, it’s great to have those options.  The control panel is very well laid out, easy to use and very simple to program.  The instruction manual is well written and gives you some excellent tips.  You won’t be confused when you start to blend foods, the instructions will walk you through all of the options.

A Large Glass Mixing Jar

Besides having motors that are too small, some blenders have mixing jars that are too small.  That’s not a problem here, the Hamilton Beach comes with a large 40 ounce glass jar, with a convenient handle.  The size of the jar matters because you don’t want to have a recipe that calls for more ingredients than the jar can handle.  40 ounces is a good size, it’s not to large to make it awkward to handle and not too heavy.  The jar is glass and it and the well designed lid can both go in the dishwasher.  That makes clean up easy and fast.

Glass jars are usually better than plastic when it comes to blenders.  Plastic can scratch and, in some cases, even peel.  That means you may find tiny plastic shreds in your mixed drink.  Glass is more durable, however there is always the possibility of breaking when dropped.

Hamilton Beach Blender Clean Up

A Very Well Priced Blender

As we mentioned, blender prices can vary wildly.  You can easily spend $200 on a blender.  While this unit doesn’t have the individual to-go blending cups that some blenders have, it is so well priced that you won’t miss the cups.  $40 or less is the usual retail price for this blender, and you are getting a very powerful and well built unit for that price.  Blenders are great small appliances to have on hand and the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher is a very good value.



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