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Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer

A good stand mixer can make a huge difference in your baking experience. You want one that is powerful, dependable and well made.  Size does matter, so you want a good sized motor and a good sized mixing bowl.  Attachments are important, you need the tools to help you create the recipe that you are making.  This outstanding stand mixer from Cuisinart checks all of those boxes, and it does it at a good price.  This is a very good stand mixer.

Cuisinsart Stand MixerPowerful, But No Too Noisy

You will ask a lot from your stand mixer.  Sure, you may only ask it to whip egg whites on some days, but on other days you may want it to knead your bread dough.  A small, under powered motor can handle the egg whites but it will smoke and die when it tries to knead a stiff rye bread dough.

Cuisinart uses a very powerful 500 watt motor with this mixer and pairs it with 12 speeds to give you more options than you will probably need.  Why 12 speeds?  Mostly for precision mixing, you may find that you really need that in-between speed to do the proper job on a sauce or frosting.

3 attachments are included and they are all that you will need for just about any kitchen chore.  A wire whisk is perfect for whipping eggs whites or when you need to make whipped cream.  The hook is solid and made for abuse.  You might be surprised at how well this stand mixer can knead bread dough, saving you a lot of work.  The main attachment is the flat beater blade, it is the one that you will use most of the time.  It’s made from die cast metal and will last as long, if not longer, than the mixer.

Don’t Get A Stand Mixer With A Small Bowl!

Nothing is more aggravating than adding ingredients for a recipe into a bowl, only to find that the bowl is too small.  Some stand mixers have been using bowls as small as 3.5 quarts in an effort to save money and space.  The problem is that these bowls can be way to small for a typical batch of cookies, cake batter for a 2 or 3 layer cake and other standard recipes.  Cuisinart avoids that problem with a good sized 5.5 quart mixing bowl.  It has a handy handle on the side (you would be surprised at how many mixing bowls don’t have handles) and it fits snugly into the base of the mixer.

The Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart also avoids another cost saving measure that some manufactures have used, that of using a lot of plastic on the casing.  Plastic will help to reduce the overall weight of the mixer, making it easier to move, but plastic can crack.  If you use your stand mixer a lot, the vibration can eventually cause the casing to crack and fall off.  Cuisinart makes this unit with die cast metal, it is strong, durable and built to last a long time.

Even though Cuisinart is sometimes associated with high prices, this excellent stand mixer can usually be found on sale for less than $200.  At that price, this is a very good value and you would be making a smart purchase.  This is a very good small kitchen appliance.

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